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"Our Safety is Concrete"

- Highbury Concrete Inc.-

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Highbury Concrete Inc. takes realistic practices for handling hazards in the workplace. Our safety culture takes into consideration to the training, beliefs, and values shared in relation to the risks on every building.

  • Highbury Concrete Inc. delegates safety activities among all foreman and workers throughout the company and has massive oversight by management through many programs including safety audits in-house and by 3rd parties.

  • Incentive, Disciplinary, and Training programs are just a few tools we use in order to implement and maintain a successful safety culture among employees in the company.

  • We have trained over 50 of our employees as DOB required Site Safety Trained Supervisors (SSTS), and we are currently working on training our employees as Board of certified Safety Professionals Safety Trained Supervisors of Construction (STSC) to increase our knowledge, help monitor unsafe behavior, and take care and concern for hazards in the workplace.​​


Safety Trained Supervisor of Construction Program

Safety Trained Supervisor Construction®

The Safety Trained Supervisor Construction (STSC) is intended for leaders at all levels of an organization because all employees have responsibilities for a safe work environment. This certification is intended for executives, directors, managers, supervisors, superintendents, and employees. These individuals may not have safety as a primary duty, but their knowledge of safety practices ensures safer and healthier worksites, and their competency strengthens the foundation of safety in the organization. The STSC sets standard baseline knowledge across the organization.

We realize that continuous learning is part of the key to success.

We encourage all employees to get this certification and will be reimbursed for the total cost upon passing and completion.

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